Download: “Archaic Rapture” by Mara Hruby

Archaic Rapture is a journey through reality and a reflection of love lost. Mara Hruby has made it quite apparent that she displays her heart in such a fearless manner that you feel vulnerable by simply listening. Ms. Hruby’s Archaic Rapture may be briefly defined by her heartbreak, but it bleeds deeper down into the details. “When you love a man for 3 years, and you abruptly find out that he cheated on you with 6 women, there are truly no words to describe the vast decent of your once full heart”-says Ms. Hruby. Her Sophomore EP overflows with pure emotion not to convey weakness, but to show strength in being honest with oneself. Step into the world of sleepless nights, painful goodbyes, faded pictures, powerful tears, realizations, and valuable lessons learned.

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Sia’s new album is titled…

sia head

Sia is back with a brown bag on her head that doesn’t look like it will go anywhere anytime soon. The new album is set to be just a release of tracks – that’s it. No public appearances, no tour, no love for the fans who have been supporting her since Healing Is Difficult and Colour The Small One. We are stick with this new persona and a first single, “Chandelier,” that is probably the worst sing Sia every released. So now you know why she blocked us on twitter, we tell it like it is. Still, we love her for all the moments she has given us and let’s hope there are more on this album which is named…

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Recommended Album: “Everyday Robots” by Damon Albarn


One of the best albums of the year comes from former Blur frontman and the mastermind behind the Gorillaz. He is finally ready to branch out on his own with this new album that is succulently made. Give it a try and thank us later!

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