Exclusive: Music For October: Justrut


After two compilations that took us on a downward spiral (in terms of sound), we are back with an exuberant mix of tracks that will make you face the Northern Hemispheric winter with glee. This is a stomper of a compilation, with little-known pop gems strewn all over with a couple of off-beat tracks. This one’s for everyone. Enjoy it and tell me what you think!

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Sexy Track: “Things You Know Nothing About” by Mapei


Mapei might have two singles out there right now while trying to put her name on the map, but the song that catches our ear is an album track by the title of “Thing You Know Nothing About.” This track is probably being saved for a later date when the album sales are gaining momentum.

Still, the track, as of now, stands out like a sore thumb on her debut album Hey Hey. It starts of with an angst message reminiscent of Lilith Fair era songs and then goes all out 90s’ catwalk on the chorus. It’s a rambunctious track that will keep your fingers a-tapping all year.

Click here to listen to it.