Exclusive: Music For May: Wrapei



Lovelies, we have sat down and concocted a compilation that caters to no one but ourselves. The result – one of the best ones we have created in a while (at least we think so). Anyway, this is one of those monthly playlists that reflects what we are listening to right at the moment. It’s nothing more than that. These ones tend to go over very well, for the tastemakers at least (lol). However, this is not to say there is no concept to this compilation. As the cover conveys, this mix brings wraps it all up. This is the one for closure – a list of songs that are designed to bring you to the end of something, whether it’s a relationship, work or having to move and/or closing a chapter. Yes, it’s all about closing a chapter and moving on. Well, most of this little playlist – other tracks just sounded real good at the time. Download it, digest it, absorb it and take it all in, goyles.

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