Here’s how you can help Finley Quaye from homelessness!

finley quaye homeless

Finley Quaye, who rose to fame because of a series of reggae-tinted britpop hits in the 90s’ has taken to his Facebook page to inform the world that he is having a hard time being homeless. Quaye has been homeless for 8 years and has suffered tremendously as a result. Here’s what he had to say:

Ok people I am in my 8th consecutive year of being homeless I have lost 2/5 of my body muscle mass in the last few years I am now at my all time weakest. I am literally skin and bone now, bones protruding . Any music loving Finley Quaye fans in London let me know if you can help I am willing to rent obviously, cant buy but I can rent. This isnt a new thing I have been homeless between the ages of 16 and 40, so many times. I have 22 teeth left at 40 years of age and unable to sing or smile and have been unable to smile for the past 10 years and unable to afford treatment. Have been drug and alcohol free for 90% of the past 10 years, in recovery since 2000. I am actually disintegrating, the last few years have been the worse and things have gotten harder, there are far less resources, prices have gotten higher and people have gotten meaner and less sympathetic, so it’s really tough.. often made to walk up to 25 miles a day every day. I went through hell in Berlin starving all the time lost so much weight there too, homeless, starved and nearly froze to death in Wales in 2006/7, people would observe but do nothing, I beseech you not to ignore me now. Please email me at if interested or if you know anybody interested in helping.

We purchased his last album, 28 February Rd, and it’s not bad at all. He still has it going on and the first single “Shine” is a fun summery song We hope it gets better for him!

Help Finley, purchase his latest album here! 

UK readers purchase the album here!