celebrates 6th anniversary!

loft965 in 2008 when it launched back in the day.

For 6 years we have been working our fingers to the bone typing out posts for you to inform you on the latest and greatest in the music world and more! It has truly been a once-in-a-lifetime journey for us. Seeing this little blog rise from a miniscule idea we had when we were doing our Master’s program to placing in the top tiers of its genre.  It is truly an incredible experience.

From meeting Beyonce to creating a business out of the blog… to the social media reception it got to getting endorsements from PEPSI, Puma and much more. It has all been a delight. We won’t drag this post to be an essay of sorts, we know you got things to do.

Plainly put, thank you for coming in by the thousands everyday since 2008! In celebration, we are also experiencing one of the best days for viewers the blog has seen TODAY. 

We truly do appreciate it! Heres your gift. And continue spreading the word…

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