Loft List: 10 Essential Norwegian Artists!

ane brun

Ane Brun

Gist: Leave it to a Norwegian to make folk music hip in this day and age.

Download: “Rubber & Soul,” “To Let Myself Go,” “These Days” and “Do You Remember”

Kings Of Convenience

Gist: True kings of gentle guitar strumming and picnic lullabies.

Download: “Mrs. Cold,” “Misread,” “Me In You” and “I’d Rather Dance With You”

Thomas Dybdahl

Gist: More experimental folk with catchy hooks.

Download: “Dice,” “This Love Is Here To Stay,” “But We Did” and “Love Story”


Gist: Unabashed dance-pop with an emotive edge.

Download: “My Heartbeat,” “I Know UR Girlfriend Hate Me,” “Back Together” and “Songs Remind Me Of You”


Gist: Gurus of the chill-out genre with varying oeuvre.

Download: “Only This Moment,” “Happy Up Here,” “The Drug” and “What Else Is There?”

Kate Havnevik

Gist: If there was specfic music for a trip through the fjords, this would be it!

Download: “Unlike Me,” “Soon,” “New Day” and “So:Lo”


Gist: Unadulterated downtempo with a coffee shop twist.

Download: “Everything Is Ending Here,” “Blue Monday,” “Two Icicles” and “Play”

Bertine Zetlitz

Gist: Salmon-fed pop galore through with a little bit of flair.

Download: “Starlight,” “Wrap Me ‘Round Your Finger,” Electric Feet” and “Fake Your Beauty”

Maria Mena

Gist: Goody-too-shoes turned formidable pop talent with knack for amazing choruses.

Download: “Fuck You,” “You’re The Only One,” “All This Time (Pick Me Up Song)” and “All The Love”

Susanne Sundfør

Gist: Exquisite melancholy for those long winter nights.

Download: “White Foxes,” “Among Us” and “O Master”

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Kylie Minogue’s first four albums to be re-issued!


Kylie Minogue will release her first four albums again in a digitally enhanced format. Remastered versions of KylieEnjoy YourselfRhythm Of Love and Let’s Get To It are set for a October 27 release this year, reported Digital Spy.

Each album is going to be digitally remastered from original studio tapes. They will also include bonus tracks and remixes. A Special, Deluxe and Collector’s Edition of each will be available.

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