Fashion from Oman…

MOK is the brand name of acclaimed Omani fashion designer Mohamad Khadra. As one of the finalists of Project Fashion, Khadra made a name for his pieces and unique sense of style that has its roots in his multi-faceted past, which includes degrees from Hong Kong, Dubai and Madrid. MOK is truly fledging force in Arab arts and design. This is his Spring/Summer collection for 2009. For inquires, send an e-mail: 



  1. Adnan says:

    Moe Khadra of MOK is fantastic, and totally gets my support as a designer, not only because he’s of Arab origines, but because he actually is taleneted.

  2. Fashion God says:

    oh please,
    dadys litle boy, and dadys money makes everything possible.
    the guy is a rich spoiled intelectual wanabe and nothing is ever gonna change that, put the guy in a place without dollars and lets see if he can be “creative” why do you think he’s in Dubai???