Michael Jackson converts to Islam…

michael_jacksonAccording to this article, Michael Jackson has been converted. These rumors have been circulating for ages now, but this one seems to be true as all the news agencies are talking of it. It started with Jermaine Jackson and then the Bahrain residence and now his name is Mikaeel. I don’t understand why you have to change your name if you convert. It’s not mandatory. And he has the world’s most recognized name. I don’t know what to think of this but he sure looks good in a burqa.



  1. Twinkle says:

    غير إسمه ياته العره

    عاد عسى مو نفس اللي لمن عفس بخلقته
    كلش مو زين 😐

  2. Adnan says:

    I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later, but just before a new album comes out.

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  4. […] Loft965 iz Kuvajta primećuje: Prema ovom članku, Michael Jackson se preobratio. Godinama se pričalo o tome, ali sada izgleda da je to tačno pošto sve agencije izveštavaju. Počelo je s Jermaine Jackson, pa onda kućom u Bahrein-u, a sada je njegovo ime Mikaeel. Nije mi jasno zašto moraš da promeniš ime ako pređeš u drugu veru? To nije obavezno. Njegovo ime je bilo najpoznatije na svetu. Ne znam šta da mislim o ovome, ali sigurno je da mu dobro stoji ženska odeća (veo koji pokriva lice). […]

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  6. Angie Nader says:

    michael jackson is just creepy!

  7. john da costa says:

    –that is just a issue..however MJ never became a mosleem..
    because Jesus Loved him and he knowed it.

    1. loft965 says:

      that’s besides the point..

  8. KTDP says:

    oh shamown!

    The press would have gone apeshit if this was true !

  9. Jay says:

    Whether he converted to Islam or remained as a non-Muslim, he still believed in God and that’s the main priority in every/all religion’s! Besides having a belief or a religion is between the person and his/ her belief/religion! It is not for the public, if everyone just understood there religion right and keep there nose in their own business all this drama wouldn’t be happening in this world! Micheal Jackson was a wonderful person and a great father of three beautiful children, may he rest in peace…

    1. loft965 says:

      Even if he didn’t believe, it shouldn’t matter anyway…

  10. belladonna says:

    Proof of his conversion can be found all over the net in wikipedia and other strong sources that spread no rumour.

  11. Angie Nader says:

    wiki isnt reliable…anyone can edit info.

  12. bella says:

    wow… its horribel

      1. Anonymous says:

        I KNO RITEEE

  13. selly says:

    mau islam ke’ mau kristen atau apalah toh pada akhirnya itu yang dia yakini
    dan seluruh dunia masih mau menerima semua karya agungnya kan???

    1. loft965 says:

      what language is that? and what are you trying to say?