Jad Choueiri thinks Arabs are “funky”

OK, aside from the fact that the song is so horrid and has a completely outdated beat and appalling lyrics, this video is all types of wrong. It’s a vile misrepresentation of the “liberal” Arabs, firstly. Secondly, it’s a complete contradiction to what he thinks he is trying to say. I don’t now where he gets off portraying liberalism as a big club orgy of Botox-pumping, hookah smokers who love themselves some “party boosters.” Granted all these things can be fun occasionally, but it’s a far cry from a quality portrayal. 

Anyway, from a musical perspective, if he thinks this track will break him into a Western market then he’s in for a surprise. The song is utter crap. The beats are tired and done. The lyrics are complete blather and the “message” in them would even make India Arie cringe. It’s just too two-thousand-and-late. 

Also, notice the “Louise Ciccone” tattoo. Oh, he likes Madonna! How scandalous and original.  The only authentic thing in this video is his pronunciation of “bombers.” If he wants controversy he should just come out.

One more tip to Jad: the word “funky” has been uncool for a decade and a half now. It just means “bad smell” these days.


30 thoughts on “Jad Choueiri thinks Arabs are “funky”

  1. Adnan on said:

    Great review.

    Honestly, you expressingly wrote everything I felt about this song/video.

    And based on your rightfully noted definition of “funky”,

    • miss loe on said:

      this jad rocks!! he is trying to do something new and cool and this is what u end up saying aout it!!! i think this blogger here is very nasty trying to find any little detail to put that great job down… but guess what? people are loving that track and video it s already a ringtone on a lot of people s phone. ur words r full of hatred. love ya jad!!!! keep up the good work

  2. ahmed on said:

    THAT VIDEO IS HOT!! i m sorry u sound like someone really jealous or sick!! can t u see this is what we need to look a bit more welcoming and fun to the west!! the guy has guts, determination and yes talent. i thought the song was catchy, the accent was average ( except for bombers) and the video really sexy. let s stop putting artists down when they try to make an international move!! i remember how much elissa got mocked when she won the award!! at least the guy wrote the song himself!!!! LOVE IT

  3. i really think this guy is talented … my friends in the states are putting the link on their facebook page. they think it rocks. for once someone is describing “some” arabs as fun and entertaining why are u so offended. stick to ur middle age mind and leave the guy alone. the song is not bad and the video is super hot… we don t wanna hear about culture when we re jammin . this is what pop is about!!!! love it

  4. man!! i don t understand all the fuss about this song and video!! everyone is talkin about it and arguing as if it was the new topic of the middle east. i go to the office and people stop workin when the video comes out… in the gym they stopped the music and people gathered to watch it loud!! what s surprising is that a lot of people do like this shit!!!!!!!!! i just don t understand. i mean the video is well produced but it s just SO cheesy.

  5. I think the song is pretty cool, the rythme is good and the lyrics accurately reflect the Arabic nightlife!
    I am kind of proud to have a Lebanese artist performing at the level of international standards. People should stop beeing stuck! Peace

  6. john on said:

    AMAZING VIDEO. it s about time someone did something so cool abt arabs. plus the song is ace!!! i heard he worked with people in new york . no wonder it sounds good. they couldn t have done this in lebanon

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  10. Wow i first saw this video in a barber shop in iraq. um this guy has no talent whatsoever. uh the lyrics are kind of shitty, lets see what else oh yea the beat is a rip off of mainstream hip hop songs. the video is just as lame and has just about nothing original in it. uh and really if your trying to reach a market by advertising your culture and people i think you may want to try something thats not as stupid as women shooting botox or whatever in the bathroom. also guys dancing in sync is really gay too. i mean the beat is only catchy cause its not original and not his. i think this guy almost says in his songs arabs are not gay then hes dancing in sync with them like a gay guy and seems like he treats himself kind of femine. i know im like way super late on this post but whatever this guy just quit the music business and just cut his losses.

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