Introducing… Diane Birch


The UK is not the only country to jump on the motown throw-back bandwagon. The US is catching up. Diane Birch is a singer in that vein. All tracks on the album have the scratch and whimper of a soul vinyl record. The kind one listens to from beginning to end. But, considering that this is a US artist, an element of twang and, dare I say, country exists throughout the album. Bible Belt has some solid old skool tunes like “Choo Choo” and the epic “Ariel,” which brings back Elton John during his prime. The whole album is filled with scrumptious tracks from the smooth “Nothing But A Miracle,” where show showcases her poignant voice to the haunting closer “Magic View.” Diane Birch is definitely an artist to look out for. I’ll keep you posted.


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