Melanie Fiona crosses “The Bridge”


Melanie Fiona, one of our highly anticipated acts of 2009, finally released her album cover and tracklisting (click below to see it). It contains the songs that gave her the buzz that she deserves (“Give It To Me Right,” “It Kills Me” and “Sad Songs”). This Canadian songstress is bringing back soul mentality without the throwback aspect that everyone and their brother is trying to capitalize on. The cover’s nice. Obv, it’s called The Bridge.

The tracklist:

1. Give It To Me Right
2. Bang Bang
3. Monday Morning
4. Please Don’t Go (Cry Baby)
5. Ay Yo
6. Walk On By
7. You Stop My Heart
8. Johnny
9. Sad Songs
10. Priceless
11. It Kills Me
12. Teach Him
13. G.A.M. (Bonus Track


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