Girls Aloud to take a hiatus


Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud has just confirmed that the girls are taking a group hiatus in order to pursue personal aspirations. This comes after the announcement of a multi-album deal with their record label. Both Nadine Coyle and Cheryl Cole have confirmed that they are going to work of solo material that might saunter it’s way to us in 2010, while Sarah Harding is getting the acting bug and some roles to go along with it. No word on Kimberly or the ugly one yet, but the latter one might continue her work on her make up line. Make it thick, honey.


3 thoughts on “Girls Aloud to take a hiatus

  1. Steven on said:

    You call nicola the ugly one? You must be real ugly seeing your rat face don’t appear on screen. Im sick of you scrotum sacks slagging off nicola all the time just to make you feel better about yourself’s. Get a life dope.

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