iStraw: Drink safely when you travel…


For people who like to travel to places that are not London-Paris-Rome or the like, this is the greatest little thing ever invented. It’s a travel straw for your drinks incase you feel the ice was made from contaminated water or for places where bottled water pass particles resting in the bottom (Hello Batam, Indonesia). It purifies while you sip. So it’s easy peasy. Anyway, click for the info.

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album cover

Katherine McPhee reveals cover for Unbroken

album cover

American Idol loser and all-around nice person Katherine McPhee is back with her second album. We loved the two singles off of the first one so we expect more. Unbroken is set to bring a more grown-up McPhee sound with a new hair-do that makes her look less like Rachel Ray. The video’s in the works and the direction sounds promising.

Chelsea Handler interviews the Backstreet Boys

They are still going strong. I don’t know who is buying the records or if they are any good (I haven’t listen to the last 3 albums so I can’t judge). They must have a lot of loyalists, even after Kevin (the good-looking one) left, they seem to be getting all kinds of teeny (late-20’s to early 30’s) bopper screams. Boy, there are a lot of brackets in this post.


Sony brings back the Walkman for the MP3 generation

Sony_S540_Red-thumb-450x308Yes, the Walkman is back but with a few twists. First, it’s an MP3 players. But, unlike other players it has built-in loud speakers, video player, FM tuners and a voice recording feature. It’s called S Series Walkman Video MP3 player (that’s long!) and it encapsulates the old Walkman features to the digital generation. Click here for more information.