Facebook can ruin your relationships with people

facebook-small-logo-300x300This is an interesting article on how Facebook can ruin your relationships. Read it here. This really goes out to all the networking sites. But, Facebook is the target for the headline I guess since it’s the McDonald’s of networking sites. I completely agree with the “bolder” statement.



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  2. 7aneen says:


  3. Danny McKinney says:

    Most of the times, alot of People give advice to make deals out of the Innocent to give a solution if they are going to speak out to them but they are victims, got insulted by them to tempt them to answer. But no one here wanted to answer it because, they feel Uncomfortable in public when People stare ? It’s called Emotional Abused and it gets ugly filled with hatred.

    1. loft965 says:

      I don’t know what you are talking about, but ok!