Must-Watch: Video: “بابا فين” by Haifa Wehbe

We don’t usually feature Arabic videos because we personally don’t listen to Arabic songs at all. But, Haifa is an exception and this video reminds us of our shroom days with its psychedelic special effects and hallucinogenic aura. Also, we think Haifa’s overtly sexualized persona is just what this part of the world needs. A person that is not ashamed or afraid of sex. It’s only natural. At any rate, she’s probably doing a children’s album, a la Nancy Ajram.


2 thoughts on “Must-Watch: Video: “بابا فين” by Haifa Wehbe

  1. This was fantatsic 😀

    Not a fan by any measures (of Haifa or Arabic music), but I enjoyed watching this.

    And the Alice in Wonderland infleuce was inevtible.

  2. Abdulla on said:

    LOL yeah the songs/videos are fun!
    She looks hot in the first vid, wearing green!
    And her children’s album is rumored to be named “Baby Haifa” ;p

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