Jennifer Lopez falls on her ass at the American Music Awards

The fall is at 2:43 secs. She fell hard and then managed to get up and do what Beyonce did – exaggerate the next move. She fell just like this song falls hard on its face to make an impression. Being a lamb and a J.Lo hater aside, she really has gone and done some bullshit music and expects this to bring her back. Bad song, bad performance and horrid voice. What a shame!



  1. TGWKE says:

    Not to mention the fact that she cannot pronounce Louboutin correctly. This song has fail written all over it.

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  3. I think she recovers really well, must have been quite a shock!

  4. Adnan says:

    You forgot to include the words “disgusting” and “puke”

  5. angela says:

    That tired old broad needs to sit her fat ass down. Beyonce, Alisha Keys, Keisha Cole, Mary J. Blige, Madonna, Pink, everybody blows that skank out of the water. She should go back to her homeland maybe she can get some love there. Nobody is digging her worn out torn up act!! I almost laughed myself to death. What part of sweatty, slippery, backs does she not understand? That is what she gets for wanting to step on people. And what was up with that ugly baggy gym suit outfit? I hope she crawls back under the rock she has been hiding under. The nerve to come out talking about she is the champ. That is a laugh! She KO’ed herself. Talk about Mama said knock you out. She will probably get a rapper to make a song with her. She got LL and JaRules dumb asses to make a song with her. It hurt their careers. I hate the **tch because she used the “N” word in her song with JaRule. We should have gave the tramp the beat down for that.