Archie Comic introduces gay character!

Out favorite childhood comic have decided to extend their diverse character line-up from the occasionally-reappearing Nancy (the only black girl) to a full-blow gay male. The character, Kevin Keller, will enter the comic very soon as a new friend of Jughead’s who out-eats him in a competition. Later on in the story Veronica Lodge falls for him and he admits his gayness. Yes, Riverdale is getting a full-blown queen. It is not clear if Archie Comics did this move in order to portray a diverse set of characters for the new generation, or if they need some publicity or new story lines. But, it’s one of the most widely read comics on earth and it’s always a pleasure to see accepting side to an old establishment. We are going to go back into our attic to find our Archie comics. Oh, and, what would have been a great story line is if Archie or Reggie feel for him and Betty transformed into a full-fledged fag hag. Too much? Maybe. Click below to see the coming out strip.


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