Christina Aguilera’s new album “Bionic” has been leaked!

Yes, Christina Aguilera’s highly-anticipated and eagerly-awaited and much-hated fourth album Bionic has leaked in its full format. This comes two weeks before it’s official release. The album is all over the internet and everyone is talking about it, so much so that it is a trending topic on twitter and it’s unavoidable if you are a music blogger trying to do some schoolwork! So, we took a break to report this. We already have a comment that says it’s the “album of the century” or something to that degree. Of course coming from Xtina-heads. We’re not too sure as both “Not Myself Tonight” and the collaboration with Nicki Minaj “Woohoo” are utter bullshit – and these are the singles! But, whatevs, we’ll give it a spin or two. We like the SiA ballad, though. Click here to head to another blog which will forward you to yet another blog for the mere purposes of investigating the wretched leak! Do not illegally download!


2 thoughts on “Christina Aguilera’s new album “Bionic” has been leaked!

  1. jenny on said:

    being a huge christina fan myself but also remaining in touch with reality i have to say that after the first listen, i think it’s very medicore. i’m strictly against a generalization that bionic is a bad album, i dont think sheis capable of such a thing.
    but during some of these songs i was thinking wtffffffffffff, a couple of them really are on the verge to ridiculous-ness. but when i was starting to get disappointed the ballads section started & i fell in love all over again. i adore the songs she did with sia and i believe that her influence is really tangable.
    this’ll get a lot more spins before i form my final opinion. people were hating on her when stripped came out, they hated on her when she did b2b and they’re sending negativity towards her with bionic as well. idk what to make of it just now but on the most part i ♥ it 🙂

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