Visit Montenegro!

We had the privilege of visiting some cities in Montenegro on our Adriatic trip and felt compelled enough to write about this undiscovered beautiful destination. It’s on of the world’s youngest countries, but its beauty rivals any other European destination. The way the mountains sit around each other with seawater all around them in one of the most historical bays in the world. Simply breathtaking and truly one of the most marvelous peoples we have been to. Glad to make Montenegro #59.


2 thoughts on “Visit Montenegro!

  1. This is awesome! What cities did you visit? Have you seen Montenegro’s new website? It really spotlights Northern Montenegro and a lot of the little businesses (hotels, b&b’s, as well as local guides for activities in the area) Did you go to any of the places that they talk about? Or do you recommend others places/activities?

    There are a few stories on Montenegro here as well – pretty cool!

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