Madonna to release album in 2012!

“Arthur Fogel, Live Nation’s Touring Director who’s been responsible for Madonna’s tours in the past decade, has been interviewed by Italian newspaper La Stampa. He talked mainly about the crisis in the music industry and specifically for live acts. While many acts are suffering and revenues are decreasing, he praises Madonna and Lady Gaga for their success. He also reports to the newspaper that Madonna will return with a new album in 2012. No other details were given.”


More news: Post, Post, Post.

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  1. Queerasfudge says:

    You had to choose the absolute worst Madonna picture, didn’t you!
    We’ll be waiting for Her mad-jesty.

    1. says:

      lol, i leak real pictures.

      1. queerasfudge says:

        Well then maybe you should leak some of Cowrey’s “real” pictures too.

        1. says:

          Who is cowrey? I don’t know that person.

  2. PedroPedroso17 says:

    I hope she goes back to her “American Life” days, I was extremely taken by surprise with her “Hard Candy” album, it was simply horrid and bland.

    1. Zachary says:

      OMG, I totally agree with you, Hard Candy was a desperate act of insanity. Horrible album, face lift, JT? Can someone say midlife crisis! I heard she’s working with Orbit again! Can’t wait!

      1. Anonymous says:

        yall crazy as hell, hard candy was awesome.

  3. gareth says:

    I really hope she would make an album with music a la “Hey You”, “Dear Jessie” style….go into a Beatlesque, more authentic musical instruments like her Like A Prayer album and give the dance floor a rest. I totally think she went a bit down hill with each album after MUSIC with Ray of Light being her best followed by Like a Prayer and Erotic albums.

    She hasn’t been able to hit consecutive hits on the charts with these last few albums cause they are not that great.

  4. Keith says:

    Why does everyone keep dissing HARD CANDY? it’s a great, fun album. Pharell is great… I’d love to see her do something with Tony Kanal another great producer

  5. Luigi Fulk says:

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  6. Torre Sanz says:

    I think this a hater posting on Madonna. This wasn’t the final photo. This is an agist world we live in, I bet you wouldn’t post a “real” picture of your favorite artist. This is why I hate bitches like u! always trying to bring someone down. Who gives a shit, her numbers are still high and she’s still the queen of pop. Posting this wack ass picture of madonna.

  7. congratulations. Sounds fantatic. I love the picture.