Sexy Track: “Far Away” by Marsha Ambrosius

Soul music has taken twists and turns but it has always been true, whether commercial or not. One-half of acclaimed neo-soul duo Floetry is ready to branch of on her own with this track that brings back sexy in its purest forms. Her sultry voice along sumptuous beats coupled with a socially-consious video mades this a treat that we have long yearned for. This is probably going to end up being one of the best tracks of the year. Marsha Ambrosius ushers soul music into the new decade with this track. Click below to listen to it.

Link to video.



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  3. PedroPedroso17 on said:

    I despise this lady, although I have to admit she’s talented. But like the goddess M.I.A. says it, “your shoes could feed a village you should think about that”; “what I hate most is bitches who are fame hoes”.

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