Details, official cover art of Moby’s new album “Destroyed” revealed!

Moby is set to unleash his 10th album on us this May. The majority of the recording was done while Moby was touring. He’d stay up in his hotel room because of his insomnia and work on music at times like at 2 in the morning. He said “it seemed as if everyone else in the world is sleeping.” Any music he did not finish he would take back with him to his apartment and finish it there with the range of quarky instruments he owned. His friends Emily Zuzik, Inyang Bassey, and Joy Malcom as well as Moby himself all sang on the record. Musically, Moby summed it up as “broken down melodic electronic music for empty cities at 2 am.” He says the title of the album makes sense when he listens to the music.

Click below for the tracklisting.

The artwork for the album was shot at LaGuardia Airport. Moby’s flight was delayed, so he decided to explore the airport. He came across an electronic sign that said ‘all unattended luggage will be destroyed.’ Since the sign could only fit one word at a time, he waited until the word ‘destroyed’ appeared and snapped a shot. He used it as the cover for the album and also for the corresponding photography book because it made sense when he listened to the contents of the album

  1. “The Broken Places”
  2. “Be The One”
  3. Sevastopol
  4. “The Low Hum”
  5. “Rockets”
  6. “The Day”
  7. “The Right Thing”
  8. “After”
  9. “Victoria Lucas”
  10. “Blue Moon”
  11. Lie Down in Darkness
  12. “Stella Maris”
  13. The Violent Bear It Away
  14. “Lacrimae”
  15. “When You Are Old”



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