Rihanna to release “California King Bed” as new single!

Rihanna is continuing her winning streak with the LOUD album with a new single. This time around she and her record label picked “California King Bed” as the track to video and release. We would have picked “Man Down” and then “Complicated,” but this track is not bad at all. We are sure it will do well. Also, looking at the above picture, we didn’t know Rihanna had an Arabic tattoo. We can’t figure out what the third word is, but it is along the lines of “Freedom is… something.” Can you figure it out? Do we need glasses?



  1. Mrs Thames says:

    california kingbed is the best choice it will showcase her best vocals ever hope she will practice to sing this maybe vocal lesons before she attempts to perfom it otherwise she will kill it herself i believe it will be a hit one of the best sonf on LOUD

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  4. Sarah says:

    الحرية في المسيح

    Freedom in Christ

  5. zk says:

    her tattoo says “الحرية في المسيح” which makes no sense at all.

  6. queerasfudge says:

    It’s الحرية في المسيح = freedom in Jesus?
    I was hoping she’d release Complicated or Man Down, too!

  7. dina-ss says:

    الحرية في المسيح means “freedom is in jesus” …:)

  8. anonymous says:

    freedom in antichrist coz she’s masonic and believe in satan as her god

    1. Loft965.com says:

      That’s not what it reads.