Exclusive: 5 Questions With Loft965.com: Rebecca Ferguson

1. Greetings from Kuwait! Loft965.com loves your new single! How do you feel about that and what do you think this year holds for you?

I feel very happy and grateful people are taking to the music. I’m very excited for the year ahead.

2. When will the album be out and what will it be called?

My new album is out now, it’s called Heaven.

3. How do you feel about starting out in a [competition] reality show, do you think that was the right platform for you?

I think it was. I wouldn’t of had the exposure I’ve had without the X Factor.

4. Should we expect a tour after the album release and when do you think it will be?

Yes I’m touring in February and March. I’m really excited to be performing my own songs to my fans and it’s my own tour. (Side note:¬†Rebecca Ferguson has added three extra dates to her February / March 2012 headline UK tour. She will play Plymouth, Reading and another date in Liverpool, in March next year.)

5. We love quotes, what is your favorite quote or motto?

“Live for today as tomorrow might not have been written.”


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