Sexy Track: “With You” by Flight Facilities featuring Grovesnor

When it comes to winning streaks in the iTunes age, nobody has done it like Flight Facilities. The Australian dance outfit has scored an underground hit once every year since their wonderful “Crave You” came out. Their second single was “Foreign Language,” which took us by storm and still didn’t let go. Now, they come back with a third single “With You” with no sight of an album. That’s how they do it in the mp3 era.

The new single “With You” speaks of an adulterous affair. While my friends are having a dispute on whether the pronouns point to a homosexual or heterosexual relationship, the message covers a topic not often-trodden. This is the new single with summer beats and a lively chorus that will leave you repeating it even when the song is not on. This is a truly remarkable track from a band that has not faltered yet.


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