Exclusive: Music for Summer: Splashine 3

Summer has officially started. The most-coveted compilation of the year has dropped. Yes, the mix that started out as a playlist that made its way onto a CD without particularly being assigned to a month, but generally had a Summer aura, has now become the most successful compilation series we have ever created. Not only is it in the third year running, but it has become a saga with followers all by itself and the playlist for shops across the Middle East.

The recipe is simple. We always loved electronic music, but we thought that when played as dance music it was sterile and a little bit sharp-edged for our liking. We wanted a groove that will make the hips sway alongside the striking beats. So, it’s only natural that we became avid hunters of electronic tracks that had a soulful sway to them – one that softened the edges and had beautiful vocals laid on it.  These tracks are hard to come by, that’s why the playlist sits on my computer for a year and them accumulates a bunch of tracks only to get condensed later to fit a CD (and also to have the top picks on it only).

This is the continuation of its two predecessors. It doesn’t stray far away from the previous two as the concept and mood was carefully crafted to capture the essence that we blabbed to you about. If it ain’t broke, don’t asphyxiate it. Live the music.

:: Download ::

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