Exclusive: 5 Questions with LOFT965.com: Alana Davis

1. Greetings from Kuwait! We must say that we are some of your biggest fans on earth. So much so that we started a “Free Alana” petition a while ago to ask for a new album (Click Here – check the reader comments). How do you feel about that and why the long hiatus?

I LOVE your FREE ALANA page, and i thank you for the sentiment in it. i love and miss you all too!! My break from releasing music was not planned, it just happened. A career, while being a wonderful thing, is only one part of life, sometimes the other parts require attention.

2. So, the pressing question is: are there any details on the next album and when its coming? Is there a new sound we can expect?

I have no specific details on an actual release date for a new album. However I do plan to put some simple guitar/vocal songs online next month. Perhaps I will make an entire album of them, if people enjoy them. Naked is how we were born after all. 🙂

3. Are you ever going on tour again so we can all see you?

I definitely will tour again soon. One of the things i have been doing while not on the road is raising my little sweet daughter! She’s almost 4 years old now, i think she’s ready to hit the road with mama!

4. You have many great cover versions. What is your favorite and why? 

You know the cover song I like the most of those i have recorded is “The Christmas Song.” Those are some of the nicest changes i have ever heard. Pretty chords!

5. Do you still get grief from Ani DiFranco fans for covering “32 Flavors?” (by the way, your rendition is our favorite song of all-time)

No… I enjoyed the experience. Every time someone’s mad at me for changing it there is someone else who is glad i did! i think it all balances out in the wash. 🙂

6. We love quotes, what is your favorite quote or motto?

Favorite quote? Probably from my mother regarding the rude kids at my school: “They’re only teasing you cause they’re jealous, baby…. i know you’d give anything to just blend in… but they’d give it all to stand out!”

Now that i am a mama too, of a frizzy headed little sunbeam, i know she was right:)

(We know it’s called “5 questions with…” but Alana Davis is one of our favorite artists of all time, so we had to add one more!)


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