celebrates 4th anniversary!

What a journey it has been! Our blog has turned 4 years old today. As you can tell by the new theme and design, we have opted for a fresher and newer look. It’s about time we converted to magazine style – it’s been four fucking years!, your portal to the latest and greatest in music, is 4 years today. Yes, it hasn’t been that easy to launch or keep up, but we managed to notch up the time to do so and we hope it’s to your constant liking.

Well, the continued success of the blog is not just mainly attributed to our work but also to the contributors and predominantly our readers who keep coming in everyday day in the thousands. It might not seem like it, but we work really hard for the upkeep of this blog and we appreciate your commitment throughout this journey.

This year we managed to tweak the way we present our posts, the general theme of the blog, we launched our new side-project The Loft Dispensary, interviewed many artists and happened to have gotten a lot of attention for our work, from the Esquire magazine spread to becoming Puma Ambassadors to getting into the stage center for Madonna’s MDNA concert to other things, which we can’t speak of here.

But, the highlight for us is the reaction we get from people. When we handed over our business card to a hotel receptionist in New York City to fill out an application and they instantly recognized the logo or when we attend concerts and people come up to us – it’s a great feeling and we hope it never goes away.

The purpose of this post is to say thank you. Thank you for your continued support. It is highly appreciated. It’s the fuel that drives us to maintain this blog that has become way more than we expected.

Again… thank you and keep coming back.


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