Nelly Furtado releases a song titled “Believers (Arab Spring)”


You know, before Nelly Furtado went the mainstream pop way she was a fledgeling sonwgwrited who opened up for other similar acts on Lilith Fair. Her first two albums, Whoa Nelly! and Folklore, were packed with socially conscious lyrics and experimental beats. But, she later decided to fully monetize her talents and released the shake-worthy Loose.

Now, Nelly Furtado is still on her radio-friendly binge, but she still manages to cram in some tracks that have her earlier twist. “Believers (Arab Spring)” is a track that commemorates the happenings of 2011. Yes, it’s the last track on her new album, The Spirit Indestructible, but we are glad she managed to give us some old Nelly Furtado – you know, the one who cared about the world.





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