Question: How do you like the new @LOFT965 blog layout?

Hello my lovelies. We’ve been reeling off of many thing we are launching and relaunching online this month. It has been a busy time.  We also have given you this new layout for your beloved As always, we would like to ask our readers if they like this new layout.

Our reason for adopting this new format are:

  • We wanted a cleaner and sleeker look to the blog
  • The old style scroll-down blog is dead, we believe.
  • We were advised by our fellow lovely blogger PopBytes a while back.
  • We wanted to see what posts interested you the most, this way we can track the click on individual posts.
  • We didn’t want to overburden you with news you don’t care about. Not everyone who loves Ke$ha or Britney Spears in necessarily in love with Ani Difranco or Tori Amos.
  • We wanted the videos and images to take a wide space on your browser
  • We want to always be pretty for you. Even after 4 years of being gay married to you.

Your feedback would be highly appreciated! Please tell us what you think!


5 thoughts on “Question: How do you like the new @LOFT965 blog layout?

  1. Kyle Beyler on said:

    I actually really love your new layout. It feels more like a blog to me. Its more clean cut, but still artistic and easy to navigate. Much improved experience! 🙂

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