Sexy Track: “Wildest Dreams” by Brandy

There is so much to say for 90s’ Soul and R&B music, especially in an era when its biggest stars are struggling to get their music across. Somewhere is the beginning of the 00s’, many of those artists forgot that the genre is more about the melody and less about the glam, overproduction or hip hop collaborations. It is only until now that these artists realized that the essence of R&B is in the swaying melody and the heartfelt lyrics.

Here Brandy channels exactly that nostalgic niche. The song is not all glitter and no gold. It’s a sultry tune with a great melody on its chorus and a direct lyrical message with an optimistic tone, but also that of a long struggle coming to a halt at the return of love. It’s a simple soul song with all the love in the world. The kind of track that took Brandy from Thea to Moesha.



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