Friðrik Ómar releases “Outside The Ring”

Outside The Ring is the fifth solo album by Friðrik Ómar, but the first one originally written by himself. Young at age he started to write music, but in his home country Iceland he is more known for his great vocal ability and his nice voice which has ranked him as the one the best singers in Iceland. On his new album you find very nicely arranged melodies which Friðrik Ómar sings seamlessly. The songs are 10 in total. Friðrik Ómar co-writes three with Stefán Örn Gunnlaugsson and Karl O. Olgeirsson. The lyrics are made by Friðrik Ómar, Peter Fenner, Alma Goodman and Steinn Steinarr, the beloved icelandic poet. The theme song of the album is ”Outside the ring”, a poet by Steinn Steinarr, translated by Jón Óttar Ragnarsson but written by Friðrik Ómar. Great album that has got well deserved attention.



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