The Wanted Announce “Third Strike” Tracklist & Release Date!

  1. “Chasing the Sun”
  2. “Loverboy” (feat. Chris Brown)
  3. “She Don’t Like to Party”
  4. “Everybody Knows”
  5. “Mastermind” (feat. RITA ORA)
  6. “I Found You”
  7. “Lady Lady”
  8. “Push”
  9. “Coming Back Strong”
  10. “Let Me Save You”
  11. “The Club’s on Fire” (feat. LMFAO)
  12. “In Over My Head”
  13. “Forever”

Deluxe Version

  1. “Bring It Home” (Dappy feat. The Wanted)
  2. “Mad Man”
  3. “Satellite”
  4. “Have Some Fun” (Pitbull feat. The Wanted)
  5. “I Found You” (DC Breaks Remix)

To be released March 2013


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