Lady Gaga working on “ARTPOP” documentary!

ladygagaartNews just in that Lady Gaga has followed the Beyonce route in creating documentaries to launch her album projects. ARTPOP, her new album, will need all the publicity it could get as some people are already over Gaga.



  1. sred says:

    How are people over Lady Gaga? I don’t understand that. She was just in the news not to long ago about her weight. A celebrity someone is over doesn’t appear in the news for trivial things like that unless someone cares. That’s like saying people are over Beyonce because she’s not in your face 24/7. It’s not like she has a project out every five minutes. I’m not a fan…that should be note…

  2. Mikey says:

    Yawn.. Most people ARE already over Gaga. NEXT!

  3. haters are going to hate says:

    YAWN!!!! NO thank you…. Lady Gaga is OVER!
    She will give FARTPOOP away for free. Ruining the music industry