Brand New Heavies announce details of new album!

brand-new-heaviesThe Brand New Heavies are set to revive Acid Jazz in 2013! The lovely band is releasing an album real soon and we just got this message on the course of the work on it.

“Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great time over the festive period!

Just a quick update about the PledgeMusic Pre-order for the album and about when we hope to be shipping out items to you all.

1st Week February 2013: This is when we hope to be delivering the album as the digital download to you all. Remember, everyone who has purchased an item on PledgeMusic receives the album download.

2nd Week February 2013: This is when we hope to be having our exclusive listening party and gig. This will be in London and we are checking out a few locations now. We’ll lock in an actual date as soon as we’ve decided on the location.

Obviously a lot of this depends on the album being finished! As you can imagine with us, we are pouring over every fine detail, wanting to make it the best possible for you all as you have all waited so long for this and you have supported us for so long!

We saw the start of our artwork ideas for the album today. Just the start, but once finished, we all think ( and hope! ) you’ll love it!

We are working to a general release of the album in April 2013, so we had better get a skates on and get it finished!!

All physical items will start to be shipped out asap. So, for instance, Simon’s Guitar, the picolo snare, screen prints, tees, drum skins, Simon’s jacket will all start to be shipped out when they are ready. We are signing items that need signed next week ( apart from the CD’s and Vinyl, we’ll sign those when manufactured ).

Anyone who bought the bundles, they will be sent in one go, so, as all the bundles include the album, these will go out when we have the physical copies of the album made.

Our plan is to have the physical copies of the album out to you all a week or two ahead of our general release as a thanks for the amazing support you have shown us, not only via our pre-sale, but also at the gigs we’ve been lucky to be doing! We’ll let you the date of this when we know ourselves!

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and support. Without you, none of this would be possible, we are very aware of this and we really hope to deliver you not only a great album, but also a really good overall experience around the journey of our album!

So, we know some of you have been asking, hopefully this makes things a little clearer for you all.

Looking forward to getting started in delivering the items to you, but we are really looking forward and excited about you all hearing our new album.






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