Introducing… Nataly Dawn


Making it big on Youtube is only one of the great things about Nataly Dawn. She speaks French, has a master’s degree, and is a beautiful musician.  Nataly launched her musical career through the use of powerful and fun VideoSongs.


Using these awesome videos Nataly began slowly putting music on Youtube with the help of Jack Conte.  Although she does do a lot of excellent solo work (she’s a great guitarist too!) her most popular work is with the duo Pomplamoose.


Nataly’s voice is sweet and rich, leaving the listener not only surprised with the depth of the sound but light-hearted and happy.  Her style is soulful and her voice is angelic in its ability to alter ranges of notes, styles, and songs.  She has covered songs by Beyonce, Fiest, Simon and Garfunkel, and even Earth, Wind and Fire.  Enjoying her music is like sipping from a delicious cup of swiss chocolate. Its great in the beginning and goes down smooth!



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