Sexy Track: “Tease Me” by Lianne La Havas

lianne-la-havas-2_wide-e42e26177c7b7a64669a8d374c1caa479223cb9a-s6-c10Lianne La Havas continues to impress us with all these amazing album cuts. Although six singles have been releases from her critically-acclaimed Is Your Love Big Enough?, the littler tracks are really what makes this an unforgettable experience. If we didn’t know any better we would say this is an Andreya Triana track post-Bonobo. But, it’s one of the more sullen, less quirky songs on the album. It’s sheer melancholy with deep lyrics and the right amount of despair. Beautiful mixture not because of the richness of the flavor  but because of the balance of the ingredients.




  1. [...] Sexy Track: “Tease Me” by Lianne La Havas ( [...]

  2. [...] Sexy Track: “Tease Me” by Lianne La Havas ( [...]