Exclusive: Pop Form: Carina Dahl


Artist: Carina Dahl
Nickname: Bambi.. haha..
Birth Date: 15 August
Star Sign: Leo
Sound Description: pop
Favorite Color: Dark Olive Green
Favorite Artist Right Now: Taylor Swift
Favorite Artist Growing Up: Madonna
Favorite Film: The Hangover
Favorite Spice Girl: Melanie B
Favorite Drink: Espresso Martini
Favorite Gadget: My iPhone, too addicted
Favorite Song Lyric: A lot of Lana Del Rey´s songs. If i have to pick; “Radio” or “Off to the races”
Fantasy One Night Stand: Actor; Tom Hardy
Most Embarrassing Moment: When they gave med the wrong mic stand in Norwegian Eurovision
Where You’d Like to Be in 5 Years: To be working with my music at a high level. Hopefully doing really good 😉 Im on my way…. :p

Latest Single: Sleepwalking
New Album: Gave out Hot Child 2.0 in 2011, working on my next! But hey, u got the Sleepwalking EP? 😉
Website: www.carinadahl.no or my blogg www.carinablogg.no
Twitter: twitter.com/carinadahl & dont forget instagram: carinadahl


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