Video Preview: “Another Guy” by Travis

One of our favorite bands of al time, Travis, are back with a new album and this is the first single off of it – “Another Guy.” Fran Healy, the lead singer, left a message to the fans:

Dear All,
Album 7 is finished!!! so here is a pre single teaser song to start things moving. It’s called “Another Guy”
Rather than put the track out there alone we and our dear friend, the legendary film director Wolfgang Becker made a little dramatization which does all the things a Travis video should do. We decided, in light of everything going hi definition, we’d shoot on a VHS camera. Also we asked Wolfgang to star in it because HE IS THE COOLEST GUY IN BERLIN.
Oh I think there is a widget which will allow you to download the song… OK… Travis are back!
Enjoy the song
Fran x



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