Christina Aguilera and Alejandro Fernández release video for “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti”

Oh, Christina Aguilera! The mini-diva has been sidelined to guest appearances and here-and-there pop ups as “featuring artist.” Her last two albums were megaflops, one because it was utterly outdated (Bionic) and the other because it was very poorly promoted (Lotus).

Now, she is trying to reclaim her grip on the charts with a collaboration wherever she can get one/ Have you noticed how most her collaborations are with men? Maroon 5, Cee-Lo Green, Pitbull, Blake Shelton, Nelly, P. Diddy, Herbie Hancock and Andrea Bocelli. Her only female collaborators (excluding “Lady Marmalade”) have been Lil Kim, Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys and Ricky Martin.


Meanwhile, here’s a video of Christina Aguilera falling (this time not off the charts):


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