First Listen: “Your Song” by Esmond

New York runs through the veins of the Brooklyn-born singer / songwriter, ESMOND. Reminiscent of Soviet-era acclaim for all things classical, his immigrant parents encouraged his study of piano since the age of 5. Conventional wisdom and the desire to help people drove his hiatus from music in pursuit of medicine with his earning of an MD at a young, crisp age. This commitment to healing, however, revitalized his passion for music and its ability to positively impact countless people. Artists from his upbringing in the 80s and early 90s, Queen and Elton John, as well as more recent performers, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran and John Legend, continue to inspire and shape his work.


Madonna has Beyoncéd us, releases half an album without announcement!


Okay, so yesterday we were hanging out with a bunch of friends talking pop music and we mentioned that we believe that the leaked album drama Madonna was going through sounds, to us, like a ploy for her to follow suit in Beyoncé’s footsteps by releasing the album all of the sudden, in order to garner better sales.

This morning, we wake up to just that… well, half of that. Madonna’s album, which is neither titled Unapologetic Bitch nor Iconic, but Rebel Heart, has been released not in full. It is available now on iTunes as a pre-order, but not in the traditional sense. If you pre-order the album, you get 6 of the tracks now!

Download 6 Tracks from Rebel Heart now! 

Here is one of the tracks from the album, titled “Living For Love.”

Update: The album appeared and now is nowhere to be found, despite an announcement by Madonna herself on Twitter and Instagram. Check here later for the download link. Madonna is probably killing all of her team right now because the link disappeared. 

Mariah Carey’s hand gesturing during singing actually means something…


Wow. This is really interesting, fellow lambily. All these time hates have been making fun of these gestures, and know we know how this great mind of music works, somewhat. “Sam Brenner, an interactive developer and grad student at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, explored how accurately the position of Mariah Carey’s hand during live performance reflects the pitch of the note she is singing. He hypothesized that Mariah’s hand is not a perfect representation of the pitch but will produce a melody that is recognizable as the original song.”

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