Video Premiere: “Regret” by Everything Everything

‘Regret’ epitomises the new album, an infectious gem which is already a fervent fan favourite from recent sold-out shows. Its relatively simple structure belies exceptional experimental musical elements and highlights the band’s focus on immediacy and impact whilst the depth and intelligence of this forward-thinking band’s take on the human condition are evident in the song’s lyrics.

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FLUNK come back with new album titled “Deconstruction Time Again”

flunk band

Since there first release in 2001 and their classic cover of New Orders Blue Monday in 2002 ‘Flunk’ and their label ‘Beatservice’ have been at the  very forefront of the whole Scandinavian electronica movement. Their mixture of icy electronics, indie guitars, and incredible vocals have served the band through 4 albums, numerous singles/EP’s, and live dates in the USA , China and most places in between.

For a band like Flunk it would be close to a criminal act not to make their music available for fans, friends and pros to remix. Flunk draw on popular music history when making their music, so of course being deconstructed, remixed, reconstructed and messed around with is a big privilege. Flunk love the thought of having their music recycled and used again, and ‘Deconstruction Time Again’ is a report from the second hand store.

The vocal stems from the “Lost Causes” album (2012) have been up on SoundCloud since its release, and there have been a substantial number of remixes of almost all the tracks.

Remixers range from merited DJs, like Italian Sandro S, to a father sitting on Iceland making fantastic remixes after his kids have gone to bed.
This remix album also includes great versions of older songs which have appeared over the last few years.
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First Listen: “Patriarchaeth” by GWENNO

In a period of governmental and cultural transition, former The Pipettes

front-woman, Gwenno, releases a political concept album inspired by an obscure 1970s Welsh language sci-fi novel, subtly disguised as a blissful kraut-pop record.

Written by Gwenno and produced by Rhys Edwards, Y DYDD OLAF (The Last Day) turns its back on predictable commercial aspirations and lifts a defiant middle finger in the direction of the mainstream.

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