Dum Dum Girls premiere video for “Are You Okay?”

Sub Pop, VICE & MOCAtv proudly present Dum Dum Girls’ in ‘Are You Okay,’ a short film written by Bret Easton Ellis and featuring the single “Are You Okay?” from the band’s acclaimed new album, ‘Too True.’ The psychological thriller, which stars Dee Dee Penny and Shiloh Fernandez, was directed by Brewer (Alt J, Purity Ring, Passion Pit), and produced by Braxton Pope, with additional musical score composed by Tamaryn and Drew McDowall. The video also includes Charles Ray’s artwork Two Boys (2010), courtesy of the artist and Matthew Marks Gallery.


Sexy Track: “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul


RuPaul and her Drag Race have been making waves all over the internet, but not for this reason. The reason she is featured today is the fact that one of the songs on her new album, Born Naked, is nothing less than stellar. Although the album is not her best, we have to say, it does have some amazing moments.

“Sissy That Walk” is track 2 on the album and it packs a punch. The EDM song wastes no time trying to make you dance but with a RuPaulian twist – it brings the catwalk and all the attitude you need along with it. The song probably has the most infectious dance chorus of the year – and it’s all original from RuPaul. It’s the perfect song for contestants on the show to lip sync for their lives to. Also, it’s a great dance number for all clubs formats. Give it a listen!