Sexy Track: “Rescue” by Yuna


Yuna could be the artist with the most “Sexy Tracks” on this blog. That’s because she always delivers in style. Her fluttery style is right up our alley. However, this time around she is taking a bit of a different direction.

“Rescue” is an upbeat number. One that will make you want to go to a tropical destination and enjoy a pina colada or two. It’s all about love, joy and glee. A track that is happy-go-lucky in the middle of autumn – a hard feat to accomplish. This is a new direction for her as a first single from her second English album titled Nocturnal. It’s truly a great track for a soundtrack to a fun movie.

Amazing: Listen to Yuna’s new song “Rescue”


Oh how we love us some Yuna. We are very excited for her new album, titled Nocturnal. It sounds like a natural growth from her tantalizing self-titled debut. She has what it takes to make it big. This songs sounds like it could be the first single off of the new album, if it’s not, it should really be.