Video Premiere: “Solace” by Fyfe

Around this time, two years ago, we heard a song that took us aback, it was Fyfe’s “Solace.” it was simple and gorgeous. Yet, after that song surfaced on some indie blog, there was nothing more heard from this band to be reckoned with. Well, that song that caught our ear just got a video and it’s cute. The song brings back some memories for us!

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John Newman posts picture of Adele outside music studio!

John Newman posts picture of Adele outside music studio


So, everyone’s waiting in anticipation for what’s next from Adele,but not much information is out. Well, one artist named John Newman instagrammed a picture of Adele outside his studio and then quickly took it off. We wonder what this is all about. Could he be producing something for her or is it a duet. Maybe it’s 26? Not sure what this mean, what do you make of it?

UPDATE: Apparently John Newman has been wanting to work with Adele for a while now!