Loft List: The Best Albums of 2014, so far…



Ever since the emergence of the mp3 the album has taken the back burner. So much so, that it is very rare to recognize which of the albums was good nowadays beyond the single. Remember when you picked up Joan Osborne’s Relish because of the single “One Of Us” and then found yourself listening to everything but that song? Well, that era is done. However, there are still some solid efforts out there and they start here…

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Must-Watch: Video Premiere: “Monument” by Robyn and Royksopp

Röyksopp & Robyn’s ‘Do It Again’ has become this Summer’s most talked about record and live show, garnering worldwide critical praise, a sold-out tour and chart success.

As Röyksopp & Robyn come to the end of their DIA tour they bid farewell with the release of their final video – for the epic 10-minute long track ‘Monument’, the inspiring mini-album opener.

Director Max Vitali created a weightless and timeless space by shooting on a wire-based camera, drawing the viewer in on a journey of self discovery, a central theme throughout the song. The video was produced by VICE + Intel’s The Creators Project.

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