Video Premiere: “Solace” by Fyfe

Around this time, two years ago, we heard a song that took us aback, it was Fyfe’s “Solace.” it was simple and gorgeous. Yet, after that song surfaced on some indie blog, there was nothing more heard from this band to be reckoned with. Well, that song that caught our ear just got a video and it’s cute. The song brings back some memories for us!

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John Newman posts picture of Adele outside music studio!

John Newman posts picture of Adele outside music studio


So, everyone’s waiting in anticipation for what’s next from Adele,but not much information is out. Well, one artist named John Newman instagrammed a picture of Adele outside his studio and then quickly took it off. We wonder what this is all about. Could he be producing something for her or is it a duet. Maybe it’s 26? Not sure what this mean, what do you make of it?

UPDATE: Apparently John Newman has been wanting to work with Adele for a while now! 


Sexy Track: “Dreamt You Were Fine” by Gemma Hayes

Gemma Hayes by Pip in Dungeness

Some tracks take longer to adapt to, but once they catch the ear, they never go anywhere. This is the case with yet another track from Gemma Hayes’ new PledgeMusic-funded album Bones + Longing titled “Dreamt You Were Fine.”

The tunes carries its way through the somber lyrics of longing without finding — that certain yearning for something that will never happen. Echoing that feeling of breaking up a relationship with someone only for them to disappear and the only way for you to make sure that they are fine is via a dream.

The dream that assures you this consolation is the central point of the concept this song embodies. “Dreamt You Were Fine” is filled with lyrical whimsy and encompasses the signature folk-rock sound that once got Gemma Hayes a Mercury Prize Nomination in 2002. This should be a single, but do singles exist anymore for indie artists?

Exclusive:’s Best 14 songs of 2014!

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Ok, so it’s a little bit late, but there are some gems in here that I just can’t hide from you all. 2014 has been a year that was bad for the album, but not individual tracks. This list compromises the best tracks, in our humble opinion, that graced our playlists and hearts in the past year. Check them out and tell us what you think about them.

14. “Enjoy” by Mozart’s Sister.

Gist: Pseudo sibling creates an eclectic mix of pop and electronic is this hipster-bait for a song that has enough oomph to be a pop hit.

13. “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul

Gist: Drag icon goes back to the runway that made her popular with this infections catwalk anthem of Dragzilla status.

12. “Do It Again” by Robyn and Royksopp

Gist: Scandivian pop masterminds team up to create the most infections dance tune of the year.

11. “Bad Boys” by Zara Larsson

Gist: Swedish pop newbie conquers all body movements with this stomper of a track that have landed at #1 worldwide has it been done by Beyonce.

10. “You Don’t Know What To Do” by Mariah Carey

Gist: Legendary diva missteps by not releasing the best track on her album as a single with radio friendly vibes.

9. “Mouth To Mouth” by Paloma Faith

Gist: Another non-single captures the heart of all light dance heads with make-out worthy lyrics.

8. “To Be Your Honey” by Gemma Hayes

Gist: Wintertime melancholy captured with this song recorded on an iPhone in the wee hours of the night.

7. “Insincerely Yours” by Lily Allen

Gist: Wonky pop graduates into a merge or soul beats and cheeky lyrics on this hidden gem.

6. “Eggs” by We Were Evergreen

Gist: French hip trio capture the essence of pop-rock with this free b-side.

5. “Things You Know Nothing About” by Mapei

Gist: Swedish breakthrough artists visits harder beats with this impeccable arranged dance number.

4. “The Truth” by Ledisi

Gist: Legendary soul singer gets back to us with the heartbreak anthem of the year.

3. “Monument” by Robyn and Röyksopp

Gist: The perfect collaborations brings the most intricately arranged tracks of the year. The future of electronica is here.

2. “Rainy Day Woman” by Kat Edmonson

Gist: Jazz songstress delves into Amy Winehouse territory with confidence and scores big.

1. “Miracle” by Kimbra

Gist: Australian maven revamps neo-disco with this red-hot singalong track.

What were you favourites of 2014?