Sarah McLachlan talks about “Shine On,” her father’s illness and introspective songs!

For more than 25 years Sarah McLachlan has been stirring emotion with introspective songs like “Building a Mystery”, “Adia” and “I Will Remember You”. Today, the celebrated Canadian singer songwriter — who’s sold over 40 million albums worldwide — joins Jian to discuss and perform from her seventh full-length studio work, “Shine On.”

Jessy Lanza performs “Strange Emotion”

Though it was an unseasonably warm September week when we filmed Hamilton, Ontario native Jessy Lanza at Pop Montreal, her icy brand of R&B feels most appropriate with a winter bite in the air. Something about the eerie concrete basement of Montreal’s old fine arts school reminded Jessy of the 1983 cult classic Videodrome. Stark and dimly lit with a few fluorescent lights, it was the perfect setting for her crushing ballad, “Strange Emotion,” which chronicles the isolation of life in her hometown. While the floors above bustled with the festival’s showcases and symposiums, Jessy’s wistful vocals reverberated throughout the dank, forgotten space.”

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Sarah McLachlan performs “Beautiful Girl” on Good Morning America!

Canada’s best Sarah McLachlan performs on the GMA stage as she promotes her new album “Shine On” which is in stores now. She also talks about the inspiration behind this album.

We didn’t know she moved away from all these “Male anchors” in her life. This should have been a feminist album!