Britney Spears working with Madonna’s former producer William Orbit on new album!


Britney Spears has been working hard in the studio working on album number 8. We are so excited for this! However, it is rumored to be titled 8RITNEY, or Blackout 2.0, allegedly both of which could use a little improving. Thanks Muumuse for the info. Here’s the tweet to prove it:

Lady Gaga asks RuPaul for a spot on the judging panel of Drag Race!


Lady Gaga has been doing anything to get into drag culture (and to desperately promote ARTPOP). From the lyrics video of “Applause” to this latest tweet. Lady Gaga recently tweeted:

To which RuPaul replied:

What do you think?



Sia pens song with Britney Spears

siaherteye_lrgEveryone’s favorite songwriters, and one of our all-time favorite artists (who recently blocked us on Twitter because we were giving her a piece of our mind way too much) has teamed up with Britney Spears to write a song for her upcoming project.

We can’t get you the Sia tweet on her because obviously it’s blocked. Anyway, we love you mucho, if you hear us! We know you have visited this blog a couple of times!