Exclusive: Music For March: Urempire


We are three months into the year and it has proven to be a festive time for music. This third installation of compilations of the year is in keeping with the other two – varied, catchy, inconsistent and packed with great songs, if we me say so ourselves. The next one’s is going to commemorate our 10 years of doing these mixes, so it’s going to be a big party/dance album as usual, this one is just your regular run-of-the-mill mixes with hidden gems for you to explore. Tell us what you think of Urempire.

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Exclusive: Music For February: Febulous

febulous-editedHere comes the hodgepodge. The new music is here, obviously released on the same day as the leak of a certain highly-awaited single. This one is a mixture of mixtures. The kind of compilation that has everything on it, yet something for everyone. It’s called Febulous boringly because it came out in February and it’s fabulous. Yes. The artwork was done by Kookeejeejoh and features him on the cover. Anyway, tell us what you think.

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Exclusive: Music For January: Severoa

severoaIt’s a new year and a new day, therefore we have to start afresh. This year we are going to try to stray away from the concept compilations (aside from the popular ones) and just deliver the best of every month in a little package that you will love byte by byte. Severoa is just that, a playlist that has been looping on our iPod for the past month during a long vacation. The mix is titled Severoa, in keeping with my new year’s resolution to “sever all bad ties and concentrate on the good.” So, there. The photograph for the cover of the compilation was taken by Jana AlNaqeeb from TheGeneralist.me. Enjoy and tell us what you think!

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Exclusive: Music For December: Hangoverette


Suffering from a huge hangover? Well, we have the cure just for you. It’s called Hangoverette. It might not hydrate your body, but it will hydrate your soul. Hangoverette is the last compilation of 2013 and the one that will seal this year shut. It’s another one of those mixtures that will leave you dumbfounded as to what genre belongs where. It’s just a intricately-woven playlist for all the tracks that we have been listening to lately, with some cropped out for time constraints. Hydrate your soul!

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Exclusive: Music For November: Groovoo


Originally, we wanted to go with either an experimental/alternative or soul/R&B concept for this compilation, however, we ended up with bunch of great tracks with no genre-connectivity at all. So we did what we do best, compile some of the best tracks out there right now in a “hodgepodge” manner for you to pick and choose what you think is suitable for you taste!

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Exclusive: Music For Winter: Laxicover V


Laxicover is back for the fifth year in a row! This compilation has tantilzed many hearts with its softer and more laid-back approach to older hits. In a world where YouTube is ever-looming, cover versions are a dime a dozen. However, only a few select tracks really improve or give a different take on the original version. These tracks end up here, if the sound allows for it and if it fits in sequence.

Here you will find classics you know and love in a variety of chill genres, from bossa nova to modern jazz to alt folk. Because the recipe of this compilation is so delicious, we didn’t change the methodology with which we pick and sequence the tracks. It’s prepared just the way you like it! Tell us what you think of Laxicover V. The photography for the cover was gone by THE GENERALIST.

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