Legendary: “Now That I Know” by Mariah Carey

In celebration of the legendary icon’s birthday, we present to you a lesser known Mariah Carey video, well, montage of sorts. This is a montage created for the song that should have been a single “Now That I Know” from the masterpiece Music Box. This song used to have us lip syncing for our lives way before RuPaul’s Drag Race. As teenagers, we used to listen to this track non-stop. It was truly an experience unlike any other, during recess albeit. We loves this to bits!


Legendary: “Sweet Harmony” by The Beloved

This song we used to listen to all the time back in the day when Channel [V] reigned supreme. We never bought the cassette or CD at the time but we remember singing along to it. Now that we have listened to it again on a cab ride from Lyon to Megève, it really caught our ears. The song was intrinsic in the evolution of the trip hop movement and it had a mighty old chorus that makes any radio hit nowadays sound like crap (because most of them are!) We love finding a track we loved years ago and haven’t reconnected with in a while! Also, what happened to the steamy (in the video) Tim Havard?

Legendary: “Which Side Are You On?” by Ani DiFranco

This is dedicated to this election night in Kuwait! Ani DiFranco could be one of the most prolific artists in the music world today, however, even as she is on her seventeenth full-length album right now, she has not covered many songs. She is an original and has an influx of songs that can fill up many albums. But, when something is as pertinent as this song, Ani takes the chance, but with her own twist.

DiFranco took this old labour union folk song penned in activism by coal miner’s wife Florence Reece and built on it, changed the lyrics to make them timely for this era and gave it a great rock edge. Even if the tracks starts with a banjo interlude (provided by the legendary Pete Seeger), it manages to get to a loud angle once it kicks in.  A great tune to have around during an election year. So, “¿Which Side Are You On?”


Legendary: “I Want You” by Madonna

Madonna has experimented with many things, but only a few collaborations have taken her to a different scope. This collaboration with trip hop powerhouse Massive Attack is one of her best. This track gets the essence of yearning to the T. It feels like someone really wanted something without doing a feasibility study and still not caring about that. It’s just magic.  Continue reading

lisa loeb

Legendary: “Stay (I Missed You)” by Lisa Loeb

Now that we have had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa Loeb for our Pop Form series, we decided to delve back into her catalogue. Lisa Loeb burst onto the scene in 1990s’ with this song which was on the soundtrack of Reality Bites. It was a modern-day lullaby surpassing all the overproduction of the decade and landing at #1 on the US Billboard Charts. Click below for the acoustically pretty version of the song.  Continue reading