Madonna posts Islam-inspired Instagram picture, says “Inshallah”

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Madonna, who is no stranger to controversy, has just posted an Instagram picture of her wearing some sort of metal-chained burqa with the words “The Revolution Of Love is on…Inshallah” to go along with it as a caption. “Inshallah” is an Arabic word that stems from the teachings of Islam which means “If Allah wills it.”

We always wondered when Madonna will go with a theme that relates to that subject. After all, she did it all – from Eastern Mysticism to Kaballah to Christianity to you name it. But, we are not sure what direction this little “Secret Project” of hers is taking and which buttons she is pressing this time around.

She also added this post recently:

A photo posted by Madonna (@madonna) on

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Lady Gaga confirms track titled “Burqa” on new album!

lady gaga burqa newLady Gaga is about to rattle some feathers again. Allegedly, the popstar has recorded a track from her new album ARTPOP titled “Burqa.” There is no news as to what the song speaks about, but we hope it’s some sort of liberation anthem of sorts. We all have seen Lady Gaga sport a couple of burqas here and there when out on the town, but the idea was already done by the lovely M.I.A., both on the red carpet and to open her tour shows. Let’s hope we hear more about this in the near future.

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