Exclusive: Pop Form: Lisa Loeb


Artist: Lisa Loeb


Nickname: Globey


Age: 45


Sound Description: singer/songwriter with a band


Favorite Color: pink


Favorite Artist Right Now: The Wombats


Favorite Artist Growing Up: The Police


Favorite Film: Bye Bye Birdie


Favorite Spice Girl: (left blank)


Favorite Drink: Coffee


Favorite Gadget: Toaster Oven (?)


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Josephine Oniyama

Exclusive Interview: Pop Form: Josephine Oniyama

Josephine Oniyama



Artist: Josephine


Nickname: Jo


Age: 29


Sound Description: folk, soul, pop


Favorite Color: red


Favorite Artist Right Now: First Aid Kit


Favorite Artist Growing Up: Bob Dylan


Favorite Film: Pan’s Labyrinth


Favorite Spice Girl: sporty


Favorite Drink: tea


Favorite Gadget: kindle


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karin park new

Exclusive: Pop Form: Karin Park




Artist: Karin Park


Nickname: KP


Sound Description:  Industrial electronic goth pop


Favorite Color: Black and purple


Favorite Artist Right Now: Fad Gadget


Favorite Artist Growing Up: Depeche mode


Favorite Film: Right now? Black Swan and Stalker


Favorite Spice Girl:  That is a very british question that I don’t think you can answer as a Scandinavian person. I’m too culture shocked.


Favorite Drink: Absinth and champagne.


Favorite Gadget: Iphone, Ipad and MacBook Pro


Anything else we should know:  I think you should check out this video by a band from my homevillage.  


Latest Single: “Thousand Loaded Guns”


New Album: Highwire Poetry




Twitter: @KarinPark

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Jeff Hahn Maya von Doll4

Exclusive: Pop Form: Maya Von Doll

Artist: Maya von Doll

Nickname: Meow

Age: 27

Sound Description: Tough pop.

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Artist Right Now: Sleigh Bells

Favorite Artist Growing Up: Blondie

Favorite Film: Machete

Favorite Spice Girl: Cheryl Cole

Favorite Drink: Cup of English breakfast tea, milk no sugar

Favorite Gadget: M-audio midi synth – it fits in hand luggage

Anything else we should know: I still grieve my childhood cat ‘Tigerroo’ and I want to be buried with my current favourite teddy ‘Flatty’.

New Album: is out on October 15th