Sexy Track: “Things You Know Nothing About” by Mapei


Mapei might have two singles out there right now while trying to put her name on the map, but the song that catches our ear is an album track by the title of “Things You Know Nothing About.” This track is probably being saved for a later date when the album sales are gaining momentum.

Still, the track, as of now, stands out like a sore thumb on her debut album Hey Hey. It starts of with an angst message reminiscent of Lilith Fair era songs and then goes all out 90s’ catwalk on the chorus. It’s a rambunctious track that will keep your fingers a-tapping all year.

Click here to listen to it. 

Sexy Track: “Monument” by Robyn and Röyksopp

royksoppandrobyn2014Sometimes, album cuts (or in this case, an EP cut) are overlooked by their bouncier, more radio-friendly fellow tracks. Robyn and Röyksopp’s EP, Do It Again, has one blockbuster hit, but this is not it. “Monument” is a more demure tune on the offering.

Mood-electronica at its best, the track comes with extra minutes latched onto it to emulate a journey (a sonic one, if you would like to avoid the metaphor), from which a robust lyrical statement stems. It stands as a gravestone anthem, with lyrics that are direct, yet very affective about ones accomplishments. It is an amazing song that could be a single should a radio edit surface. The additional beats towards the end are scrumptious, but are not for the pop format listener. Have a listen and tell us what you think!  Continue reading

MizGin premieres video for “Get You Off”

Introducing Swedish pop sensation, and rising star MizGin. Molding a style all her own, the young pop star is now breaking international markets with her hit single “Get You Off” officially launched in the U.S. May 5, 2014 and in one day reached over 42k views and she charted #1 in Sweden on iTunes. We thought you may enjoy this and are providing select media outlets with this video premiere. All posts will be heavily promoted.