Christianoshi premieres video for “Trust”

Christianoshi is cruising his way through this video. He explained this to us: ”

Yesterday I published my debut music video, attracting over 1,000 views in its first 24 hours online. The Mikko Makela-directed clip highlights the recent infiltration of slamming parties among sections of London’s gay community. I personally wanted the video to have a documentary feel, and the “chill out party” setting also provided the opportunity to turn the industry’s obsession with female sexualisation on its head.” Continue reading

Rihanna in “Nude” racial mix-up with perfume packaging!


We were recently on a certain airline heading to the second northernmost capital in the world and we found this image of Rihanna’s perfume “Nude” in the duty-free magazine.  It’s cute and all, but it seems like Rihanna’s idea of the color nude is one that fits an older and more bigoted understanding of what it is. Okay, so we are pushing it a little. But why does the color assigned the name “nude” to that of white complexion?

This color is championed by many make-up companies to be a shade of a certain caucasian hue for years, without reexamining the name assigned to it after many years of its establishment. Don’t you find it to be a form of racial imperialism to assume that “nude” generally conveys a color that is attributed to white skin. After all, nudity is not only a white thing. And of all people to continue this understanding is a black woman? It would have been cool if part of the promotional campaign for this perfume the idea of the color “nude” was rehashed and deconstructed. We’d like to see “nude” in a Bajan hue. Don’t you think?