Madonna has half of Mariah Carey’s followers on Instagram!

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You know, as much as we love Madonna and her money-making ways, we have to go back to our one and  only diva – Mariah Patricia Alfred Roy Nunez Ex-Mottola Cannon Carey! Yes, it seems that Madonna can’t catch up with social media and the changing ways of marketing, which will bite her in her over-exposed buttocks as we all know how much she likes the moola. Mariah, as with sales, reigns supreme in the social media wars. Like Jermiane Dupri said: “Often imitated, never duplicated!” Lol, let’s see how the Madonnaphiles react to this one!


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Is India.Arie copying Christina Aguilera with new album cover artwork?

india-arie-christina-aguilera-loft-965-new, cute

We have been waiting for years for a new India.Arie disc. It has been a while since the singer/songwriter graced our playlists with new music. But, as you might know, we are huge fans of music artwork and this struck a chord with us. It seems that the motif, colors and pose of the new India Arie album SongVersation looks and feels like Christina Aguilera’s Lotus.  India’s sleeve looks like the GCC censored version of the Lotus cover! The resemblance is uncanny, we thinks.

What do you guys think?

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Ani DiFranco is pregnant with second child!

You know were not much of gossip blog, but when it comes to our favorites we like to report everything and besides it touches on the music. At any rate, turns out that there is a little gap in Ani DiFranco’s heavy touring schedule. However, it is not because she needs a break but because she is pregnant and about to deliver her second child with her partner. Yes, there will be more of Ani’s precious kin out there. We wish her all the best!  Continue reading