Sexy Track: “Things You Know Nothing About” by Mapei


Mapei might have two singles out there right now while trying to put her name on the map, but the song that catches our ear is an album track by the title of “Things You Know Nothing About.” This track is probably being saved for a later date when the album sales are gaining momentum.

Still, the track, as of now, stands out like a sore thumb on her debut album Hey Hey. It starts of with an angst message reminiscent of Lilith Fair era songs and then goes all out 90s’ catwalk on the chorus. It’s a rambunctious track that will keep your fingers a-tapping all year.

Click here to listen to it. 

Sexy Track: “Sexotheque” by La Roux



La Roux has taken to long of a hiatus, but this song is worth it. Although it hasn’t been announced as a single, it surely will be. Maybe in the Fall when you need to get rid of your La Toux. Regardless, this is a solid pop number that can be the savior to the sophomore album, and Elly Jackson’s first solo effort, Trouble In Paradise.

The song is a reggae-tinged pop track with a fun summery feeling. Of course, lyrically, it is arousing – to say the least. But the real draw here is the chorus and the catchy hook. It’s as if every section is a hook, very ABBA in its template. The storyline is also intriguing and the sound is like nothing you have heard on the radio lately, which may make it hard to play in the US, but it has the guts to challaenge that market, too. Give it a listen and tell us what you think!




Sexy Track: “Insincerely Yours” by Lily Allen

lily allen

Lily Allen might have disappeared for a hot minute but she is back with avengence! As most of you might know, Lily Allen once hinted at a retirement from the music industry. At that moment, had she actually went through with these plans, this album, aptly titled Sheezus, would have never surfaced.

The new album has already had four singles out, but the one that caught our ear is not one of them. “Insincerely Yours” is one of the best tracks on the album. It has that fluttery soulful feeling that is so fitting for a Summer hit. it’s Lily as we’ve known her lyrically, with her signature wart-and-all writing sense. This should be the next single!

Sexy Track: “Mouth To Mouth” by Paloma Faith


Paloma Faith is back in a big way. The mini-diva is set to take on the world with her third album (yes, you heard us right, she has three albums under her belt now!). Paloma has worked with Pharrell on the lead single “Can’t Rely On You” from the album A Perfect Contradiction, which gave her her second UK Top 10 hit. (And yes, she has only had two UK Top 10 hits).

Still, the standout track from this scrumptious album is not the lead single. It is an upbeat number titled “Mouth To Mouth.” It is an uplifting ditty with a highly infectious chorus. The tune is co-written with Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson. If the record execs or Paloma Faith are looking for another UK Top 10 Hit – this is the song for it. Heck, it can even be a Billboard hit if US Radio wasn’t so saturated. It’s so good it makes resuscitation sound sexy. Give it a listen!

Sexy Track: “Empire” by Shakira


We know that Shakira is an acquire taste for many, but we always held a special place in our musical hearts for Shakira even when her voice can get a little annoying. The latin diva has readied an English album for release and although the first single, “Can’t Remember To Forget You” with Rihanna, didn’t really rattle up the world, this second single has what it takes and it’s a ballad.

The single is a slow number with an infectious chorus and a sickening melody. It might not be a big hit as it is a slower number, but it is an astonishingly well-written number. The track is set to be released along with the self-titled album. What do you think?


Sexy Track: “I Blame You” by Ledisi

ledisi 2014

Ledisi has always filled our hearts with premium soul music and she shows no signs of stopping. If this first single is an indicator, the new album will be fabulous. “I Blame You” marks Ledisi segue from sexy to sexier. The video chronicles and emancipation of sorts and the live performance that comes with it is just spectacular to see such a beautiful curvy woman reclaiming sexiness.

“I Blame You” has all the components you need in a strong soul song. It’s packed with lovey-dovey lyrics, amazing vocals and a smooth staccato of a mid-tempo song. It also has a spectacular video that tags along with it. It is our first sexy track of 2014 and deservedly so!