Exclusive: Music For March: Dwindalia


It might have taken us a while to get to this one, but it’s all worth it. We present to you Dwindalia, the ultimate airplane ride compilations. The tempos fluctuate emulating turbulence and the mood swings in accordance to what wine you have been offered to imbibe. This is long-haul realness at it’s best. You will be caught be surprise with some of the tracks on this one, and you’ll make lots of new friends along the way as we searched high and deep for some of these songs that have been the soundtrack to our hectic work week.

The dreamy artwork is created by the talented and love Abdalla AbdelRahman (also known as @xbdxlla on Instagram)

:: Download ::

IMPORTANT: There is a possibility that we might stop putting up our compilations on the blog from now on. In order to keep getting the music, please join this little group: Nasser’s Mix Galore for future updates!