Exclusive: Music For April: Gaypril 12


This is the compilation that started it all. Being in its 12th year, it makes us feel hella old. But, it doesn’t matter as we are still fly as shit. This has been so successful, we are not about to change it or discontinue it. We’re a little over it, but we have to keep it on offer. Dance music is not resonating with us anymore. Every once in a while, something sticks out, but that’s it really. You know, like Mariah has to sing “Hero” at every concert, we have to keep this going, even after more than a decade of compiling, sequencing, promoting and creating artwork for them.

You can expect the usual foot-stomping beats here, with diva attitude, LGBT realness and all kinds of electronic beats, from house to synth pop to teeny bopper. We hope you like it.

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