The Dispensary

Throughout our time creating, building and maintaining this blog, which has exceeded our expectations in success, we have been approached many a-times on creating playlists for stores, restaurants, shops, hotels and bars. Consequently, we have churned out hours of customized music playlists for each venture. This is why we created The Loft Dispensary.

The Loft Dispensary is a side-project that will aid and assist businesses in creating a desired atmosphere in their venues. This project is all about designing the right musical aura for clients to enjoy their times while visiting venues of business.

It’s quite simple: We provide and/or customize music playlists for your business with consideration to the type of venue you run and its demographic of frequenting clientele. 

It has been scientifically proven that the right sound can not only provide a pleasant atmosphere in your business but also make the clients stay for longer times. So, why not utilize this auditory experience to the advantage of your marketing plan.

Four facts about music & Business

1 Playing the right music in your business makes consumers stay longer
2 Music played in your business affects consumers’ opinion of your brand
3 Music enhances wellbeing amongst employees in workplaces
4 Music can influence shopping trends and the overall experience of the consumer

More on the benefits of music in your business. 


1 Discuss with us what type of music you would like to play in your business venue
2 Compile and create the playlist in accordance to the demographic’s needs
3 Provide the playlist on CD’s or a provided store mp3 player with specific titles
4 Have your clientele humming all the way to the cash register

Playlists Types:

Musical Item Description Type More Info Prices
1. Prêt-à-Playlist Ready-made playlist from our 100+ compilation archives (provided the specific genre has been covered). CD
Based on hourly basis and clientele needs Quotation upon agreement
2 Tailor-made playlist Customized playlist specifically for you business crafted to suit your needs. CD
Based on hourly basis and clientele needs Quotation upon agreement
3 Galore updates Ready-made compilations released on monthly basis and sent directly to you by email for a period of time. mp3 Sent via emailApprox. 1.5 hour playlist delivered on monthly basis.Price per venue Email for prices

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